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Learn Cordova From Scratch - Visual Studio and Mac
Build cross platform mobile apps for Android and iOS

This course covers Apache Cordova Framework in detail.
If you are a web developer and you want to utilize your web knowledge to create amazing Mobile applications targeting Android and iOS then this is the course for you.
The course covers all the concepts that one needs to know in order to create amazing Mobile apps

The course covers

1. What is Cordova

2. Installing Cordova

3. Setting up the Environment

4. Creating Cordova Application

5. Configuring Application

6. Publishing Apps on Google and Apple Stores

The course also demonstrates this by creating two mobile apps

1. Driving App - This shows how to use Google Maps API and using various Cordova plugins

2. Camera App - This shows how to use Media Plugin to capture images using camera and how to store file permanently on Mobile Phones

3. So look no further and join in to to learn Apache Cordova

So lets start exploring Cordova