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Laravel 5
Learning Laravel 5 Basics & More...

Welcome to Laravel 5 Course.

In this course we will be exploring all the basics of Laravel 5 and More..

1. We will be starting with what is Laravel

2. What are the prerequisites of Laravel

3. How we can install it on Windows

4. How we can use visual studio code editor to run Laravel applications

5. How to create a Laravel project

6. Using Artisan to generate model and controllers

7. Understanding Routes

8. Understanding Dependency Injection

9. How to create a Service Provider

10.What are Facades

11.How to Post and Get Data using Controllers

12.Creating Templates in Laravel

13.Forms and Validations - Client as well as Server Side

14.Connecting Database using Eloquent

15.Performing CRUD operations in Laravel

16.Creating and Running Migrations

17.Understanding Relationship Types

18.How to execute RAW SQL queries

So if you are interested in learning Laravel, join in and explore Laravel now.