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Master Mean : Learn the fundamentals of Mean Stack
Mean Stack From the Ground Up

Course Description

This course provides you with a practical approach to MEAN Stack. The main focus of this course is to get you familiar with MEAN Stack and ensure that you are ready to build cool new web applications using MEAN Stack in no time.
In this course we will be covering fundamentals of JavaScript first so that it becomes easier to understand the different concepts and syntax that one uses in MEAN Stack.

First we discuss what MEAN is all about and its pre-requisites

  • We take you through the fundamentals of JavaScript so that you feel at ease when we discuss MEAN concepts
  • Next we see how we can install MEAN Stack on different Platforms like Windows,MAC and Linux AWS EC2 Instance
  • Once we are through with the installation we proceed with Express and see how we can work with it here we cover all the basics of Express like Express Templates, Partials,sharing content across routes, using Express Generator and Exploring Express Middleware
  • We then start with developing a course based website to explore all the concepts that we discussed so far as well we explore how we can create models for mongodb using mongoose and do basic and advance validation using mongoose
  • We also cover Authentication using Express and Passport
  • We then Explore how to work with AngularJS where we see how to configure client side routing, creating controllers, fetching and binding data using Ajax and Angular, Creating a custom Service and understanding Route Parameters and Form Validations
  • Finally we learn how to deploy our solution on production, here we will be covering Heroku deployment

As this course is about MEAN Stack so we have covered AngualrJS in that respect only if you want to learn only about AngularJS then you should be looking at other amazing courses available on this platform
We also see how we can use Gulp to minify scripts for our AngualrJS SPA
So what are you waiting for lets get started with MEAN Stack