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Master Meteor - Meteor JS From the Ground up
Meteor JS from scratch

Course Description

This course provides you with a practical approach to Meteor.
The main focus of this course is to get you familiar with Meteor and ensure that you are ready to build cool new web applications using Meteor in no time.

In this course we will be covering fundamentals of JavaScript first so that it becomes easier to understand the different concepts and syntax that one uses in Meteor.

In this course we will be covering following topics

  • Basics of JavaScript
  • Spacebar Basics [if,with,each,template helpers]
  • Meteor Basics
  • Templates, Collections, Publishing
  • Event Handling
  • Publisher Subscriber Functionality
  • Refarctoring our code
  • Using BootStrap and Exploring Shadow DOM
  • Authentication
  • Session
  • Server Methods
  • Routing
  • Deployment on Meteor and AWS
  • How to Reset Meteor Database

So what are you waiting for lets get started with Meteor