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Master ReactJS: Learn React JS from Scratch
Master the basics of ReactJS and be ready for the future of web development.

Course Description

Master the art of ReactJS and be ready for the future of web developmet. Companies like Facebook and instagram are already making use of ReactJS to build dynamic User Interfaces for better user experience
This course covers all the topics from basic to advance including Flux.

You will find concepts like.

  • HTML Entities
  • Component State and Life Cycle
  • How to create Multiple Components
  • Creating Reusable components
  • Displaying Data
  • Events
  • Properties
  • Mixins
  • Form Components
  • JSX and how it can be pre-compiled
  • DOM
  • How to make use of Inline Styles
  • Making use of AJAX technique
  • How to communicate between components
  • Cloning
  • Two way Data Binding
  • Understaning Flux

At the end of the course you will also develop a course cart application which will brush up all the concepts that we have covered in this amazing course
So lets start learning...Master ReactJS