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React Native : Build Native Mobile Applications
Build Native Mobile Applications for Android & iOS using JavaScript & React

Course Description

Learn the fundamentals of React-Native to build cross platform mobile applications

React Native allows you to build native iOS and Android applications in JavaScript and React.js.

Even if you are a novice to mobile development but if you have expertise in JavaScript,html and CSS you will be able to develop cool applications using react-native.

We will be starting with the basics like what is react-native all about, how we can install it on various operating systems out there and then learning how a react-native application works

We will also be exploring many components which are used on a day to day basis to develop react-native mobile applications like

  • Views
  • Text
  • TextInput
  • Image
  • Touchable Highlight
  • Activity Indicator
  • ListView

We will also be covering how to debug react-native applications and how to launch it on android emulator

During this course we will be developing three applications

  • Calculator
  • Flick Image Viewer
  • Todo Application

By developing these application we will learn many core concepts of react-native like how to send and receive data from server.

We will also introduce you to firebase which is a Database As a Service using this we will see how we can store data in a database

So come on join in and lets start learning React-Native